CDLIS Reports ®, the latest innovation from Precise Hire, is a powerful yet simple online tool that will aid your clients in managing their employee risk more effectively. Monthly reports will highlight invalid driver’s licenses, recent citation activity and drivers who have any current or upcoming license renewals. Precise Hire’s CDLIS Reports will not only limit their future risk exposure from negligence claims should their drivers have any work related accidents, but it will also greatly reduce their administrative costs.

Driving Record Monitoring k Reduces Client Risk

Pre-screening and the continual monitoring of their employees driving records will protect your clients from any risks of liability. Businesses spend a considerable amount of time and resources qualifying their prospective employees, but tend to lose track of them after they’re hired. Information changes on an MVR occur in 14% of the driving records each year.

By managing the change that will inevitably occur in their employee pool, your clients can also reduce their exposure to negligent retention and other employee liabilities by tracking:
• New Violations • Convictions • Revocations • Suspensions • Expirations • Renewal Dates