Equifax Trade Check Rating Codes

InstallmentRevolving or Option AccountOpen Account
(30, 60, or 90-day account.)
I0R0O0Too new to rate
I1R1O1Pays account as agreed
I2R2O2Not more than two payments past due
I3R3O3Not more than three payments past due
I4R4O4Not more than four payments past due
I5R5O5More than 120 days or four payments past due
I7R7O7Making regular payments under WEP.
I9R9O9Bad debt; placed for collection
IARAOAAccount is inactive
IBRBOBLost or stolen card
ICRCOCContact member for status
IDRDODRefinanced or renewed
IEREOEConsumer deceased
IFRFOFIn financial counseling
IGRGOGForeclosure process started
IHRHOHIn WEP of other party
IJRJOJAdjustment pending
IMRMOMIncluded in Chapter 13